Should I Buy a Dell XPS M1710

The Dell XPS M1710 has been updated for the holiday season with the new GeForce Go 7950 GTX, making the Dell XPS M1710 the only laptop with this ultra-advanced graphics card. This allows the Dell XPS M1710 to maintain its position as the top of the mobile gaming machines. Although it’s a great laptop we think that we saw some other better ones at thetechinsiders gaming laptop reviews.

Not only does the Dell XPS M1710 look coll with fiery red lid with gray margins that have a light up XPS embroidered in, it works wonderfully as well. With a nice full sized keyboard, and a generous touchpad with scroll zones in it, the Dell XPS M1710 is perfect for a gamer. Not only does the Dell XPS provide great graphics and comfortable keyboard design for the gamers, it also has all sorts of shortcuts in place to help you go through your media and entertainment. It has a small button at the top (with the on/off button) that will take you directly to the Dell Entertainment Center, a rip-off of the Windows Media Center.

With the 17inch screen and 1900×1200 resolution capabilities, you might have some trouble with the size of the text on some sites. However, the Dell XPS M1710 does offer an extra port where you can plug in a larger screen for better view. There is one more extra feature that the Dell XPS M1710 has – flashing lights that flash different colors based on what you’re doing on the screen. For example, as you get hit in a game, the lights might flash red, and when you’re playing music, the lights might flash silver/green based on the settings and the kind of song being played.

It also has a lot to offer for the media junkie. You can play Cds and Dvds on the Dell XPS M1710 without rebooting the computer using the Dell Entertainment Center button. There are also a number of buttons that control the volume, the tone, play, rewind, fast forward and so on located on the front facing strip at the bottom of the laptop center. There are also a number of extra peripheral options that the Dell XPS M1710 offers with headphone, microphone, VGA, DVI, S-video-out, four pin firewire and six abundant USB 2.0 ports. The different networking options offered by the Dell XPS M1710 include a 56kbps modem, 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11a/b/g wireless connections, and an optional Bluetooth option. Some more extra features are the ExpressCard slot and a 5 in 1 card reader, though the lack of a PCMCIA card slot is unexplained.

With all these great things going for the Dell XPS M1710, there still are some things to keep in mind. First of all, this is an expensive machine, totaling over $3000 for its standard configuration. Second, it’s a desktop replacement and weighs in at 10.4 lbs with the power brick and won’t be easy to lug around everywhere. Also, if all you want to do is play games, then a much better option would be to just get a desktop PC which would cost less than a third of the Dell XPS M1710.

However, if you’re looking for the best of the best laptop gaming machines, then look no further than the Dell XPS M1710.

How to get the most out of youtube

Open up Youtube and visit the video you want to download. Then visit the Media, and pick the quality of video which you want to download. YouTube videos aren’t compatible with iPhone before.

To receive your video noticed on YouTube, you must use just a little imagination. It has to be interesting to stand out in this crowd of videos. It works on almost all of the renowned video sharing websites.

Stick to the above few steps and then if you simply want to learn how to record Spotify, YouTube, UYTG, and so forth, there’s no restrictions of websites for ripping audio. Developing a podcast doesn’t need to be hard whatsoever. You might need to obey each podcast several times so that you don’t miss anything!!

Now you’re ready to click download. The download is going to take a few added seconds, but this will provide you excellent sound quality. Today, MP3 has become the most popular audio format on the planet. By choosing the finest quality video you’ll get the maximum high quality Mp3. Then along came MTV, and the authentic development of the audio video began. `Chris you are the absolute most original, you’ve got such a good style about you.

Dignitatis Humanae

The Catholic Church in the United States will celebrate the annual Fortnight for Freedom from June 21-July 4, during which we will celebrate and give thanks for the religious freedom we enjoy in our country. We will also pray that we may continue to enjoy the protection to worship in freedom.
The theme of this year’s Fortnight for Freedom is “Freedom to Serve.”  During these days we will reflect on the fact that our religious freedom grants us the right and the responsibility to serve our fellow man.

Dignitatis Humanae

For this theme, we will be studying Dignitatis Humanae, a Declaration on Religious Freedom by Pope Paul VI. We will be providing daily emails breaking down Dignitatis Humanae into small segments with a few reflection questions to help everyone understand what it means to practice one’s faith in the world.

Pray the Patriotic Rosary with the St. Theresa/St. Thomas Respect Life Team.

We will have booklets on hand to offer praise for the freedoms we still enjoy and ask for blessings on our country. To view the booklet: or

Food and fellowship to follow in the Gathering Area of the church!

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Here’s an example (that you may copy and paste if you wish) of what you can send to your representatives.

As a U.S. citizen, I register my strong objection to the narrow application of the religious exemption in the Affordable Health Care Act coverage. The current application entangles government in matters of religious identity, threatens religious liberty, and can curtail socially valuable services of religious institutions.

Here’s how you can get in touch with the government about this issue:

The Department of Health and Human Services :  http.//

The White House :

Find your Congressional Representative:

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Why the Affordable Care Act’s Religious Exemption Mandate by the Department of Health & Human Services Is of Concern

When the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) announced a distinction January 12, 2012 in applying the religious exemption in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the conversation morphed from contraception, sterilization, and abortifacients to defining of the word “religious” in religious institutions.

  1. Religious institutions that proselytize their religious beliefs, hire their own religious adherents to provide services, and serve only their religious adherents – such institutions would enjoy the religious exemption in the ACA.
  2. Religious institutions that do not proselytize religious beliefs when providing services, hire anyone of any religious/non-religious persuasion, and serve anyone of any religious/non-religious persuasion – such institutions would not enjoy the religious exemption in the ACA at trym ii .  
  3. The HHS distinction as to which religious institutions can be exempt means that religious institutions that remain internal to themselves would remain exempt; religious institutions that provide services outside themselves would now be defined as non-religious by a governmental agency.
  4. Herein lies the strangling distinction for thousands of religious institutions of the Catholic Church.  Religious institutions (Notre Dame University, Christ the King Prep, Catholic Relief Services, Catholic Charities, etc.) would fall into the category of a non-religious institution and thereby be subject to governmental definitions and regulations.
  5. The focus remains – in the pluralistic United States, who shapes the external identity and services of a religious institution: an agency of the government or the religious institution?
  6. The accommodation offered on February 10, 2012 by President Obama, i.e. shifting the cost of the mandate to insurers, did not resolve the very troubling distinction of who determines a religious institution’s external mission, ministry and services.  Secondly, since many religious institutions are self-insured, the accommodation did not shift the cost.